Last update: Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 11:04 AM.
Editing subscription lists
    • This is an update of a HowTo that was published on the OPML Editor support site.
    • A subscription list is an OPML document that contains a list of feeds.
    • It's a popular format mostly used to exchange subscriptions between RSS feed readers and aggregators.
    • A picture named tinywindow.gifOne way to create a subscription list is to export an OPML document from your feed reader and open it in the OPML Editor, exactly the same way you'd open a document in a word processor or a spreadsheet.
    • You can choose the Open command from the File menu, or drag and drop the file icon on the OPML Editor application icon.
    • To create a new one, choose New from the File menu, enter the feeds you want to subscribe to and save the file to disk.
    • As its name implies, the OPML Editor is designed to edit OPML files. It opens and saves them the way any application would open and save its native file type.
    • In addition, you can use the Open URL command in the File menu to open an OPML file over the net, if you know its address.
    • To add a feed to a list, press Return to create a new headline, then choose Add Feed from the right-click menu.
    • Enter the URL of the feed and click OK. After a few seconds the title of the feed will appear in the headline.
    • You can even double-click the headline to see the headlines in the feed, and click on those to read the articles (in other words, the OPML Editor is also a simple feed reader).
    • Formats supported: All flavors of RSS and Atom.
    • When you're ready, save the OPML file. From there you can import it into a feed reader, or use it as a reading list. Many new applications for OPML subscription lists are coming online these days! :-)
    • The OPML 2.0 spec explains the underlying format for subscription lists, if you're implementing a feed reader or aggregator, you'll need to understand this.